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Philosophy skin care & cosmetics

Philosophy is a cosmetics, health and wellness company. The story of philosophy begins with the story of BioMedic. BioMedic is a skin care line distributed by the world's leading physicians. Today, BioMedic is a recognized leader in the area of treatment for aging and acne prone skin. BioMedic was created in 1990 by Cristina Carlino. In 1996, Cristina introduced philosophy to the mainstream market for people who do not need a doctor for their skin but want the very best for their skin. Philosophy is a result-oriented product line that emerged out of Carlino’s original company BioMedic, which was recently sold to cosmetic giant L’oreal. BioMedic is a product and treatment line available in dermatologists’ and plastic surgeons’

offices. Known as a company which specializes in in-office peels and products for damaged skin, BioMedic pioneered the cosmeceutical (pharmaceutical-grade cosmetics and skin care) industry with its unrelenting dedication to developing new skincare technologies. Carlino saw a gap between what was available in doctors’ offices and what was available in department stores. She put the research and technology from BioMedic into philosophy and created an efficacious product line which would be more available to the consumer outside of the medical industry. As a result Carlino has received much acclaim from the medical and cosmetics industries.

Carlino’s name may be new to you, but if you have used any of her products, her philosophies aren’t. Each one of her products contains cutting-edge ingredients for face and body. They also come with words of encouragement for the mind and soul printed on the exterior of each product. Cristina is recognized as a leader in pioneering and identifying medically based skin care technologies. She is the inventor of "the micropeel" that popularized dermaplaning, and is now used and endorsed by thousands of leading physicians worldwide. She is responsible for the hands on training of thousands of medical professionals in her peels, procedures and methodologies. Ms. carlino is a published author and is responsible for the names and copywriting on all philosophy products. A coalition of leading physicans and scientists are now committed and dedicated to the future development of philosophy products. ms. carlino is a published author and is responsible for the names and copywriting on all philosophy products.

Philosophy holds the best cosmetic is great looking skin, the best cosmetic is great skin that is makeup optional. Your skin does not require multiple steps, it does require multiple technologies and combination therapies to stay healthy, vibrant and clear. With names like ‘hope in a jar’ and ‘the great awakening,’ philosophy products are easy to spot. Once you have used the products they’ll be even harder to forget. So how did Carlino’s products became such a phenomenon in the cosmetics industry? It was philosophy’s integrated approach; the combination of science and nature create amazing products. Philosophy also focuses on ingredients that naturally occur in each of our bodies, like peptides and beta glucan. These ingredients absorb more easily because of the size of their molecules—they’re similar to the molecules that make up our bodies. Carlino explained that synthetic or plant-extracted ingredients have larger molecules, thus making it more difficult for the body to use them effectively. philosophy isn’t stuck on one major ingredient like many other product lines; it integrates many ingredients and ideas when producing products.

The Hindu faith inspired the philosophies that are on Carlino’s products. They believe that beauty is a sense of well-being, Carlino explained. They see God in every moment. Carlino has also put her spiritual awareness into each one of her products, which truly make you look and feel better. Although Carlino was brought up by a Christian family in Indiana, she was introduced to Eastern thought in California, where she learned about Eastern medicine and holistic ideals. You can also find Eastern inspiration in Carlino’s book, The Rainbow Connection, which discusses the charka system, color therapy and well-being.

This successful individual offered some advice for young women who want to start their own businesses: "Don’t be afraid; don’t make not having money your obstacle and trust your inner voice—it will make your intuition louder." She also emphasized how being creative will make you more fulfilled. It is obvious that it is Cristina Carlino's wisdom that is the philosophy behind philosophy products.

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