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Murad skin care

The Murad skin care line was created by Dr. Howard Murad, a dermatologist. Dr. Murad lives in California, with a practice in El Segundo, and spas in Los Angeles. Widely acknowledged as one of the country’s foremost authorities on skin care, Howard Murad, M.D. has devoted his life to the science of internal and external skin care. A board-certified dermatologist with a thriving practice in El Segundo, California, a trained pharmacist, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA, Dr. Murad has built a patient base of nearly 50,000 people. Over the years, treating such a wide variety of individuals

presenting every conceivable kind of skin condition, gave him direct insight into what his patients wanted and needed to care for their skin at home. This inspired him to develop his own line of skin care products. Putting theory into practice, Dr. Murad developed targeted formulas to alleviate even the most frustrating skin concerns. Murad® skincare’s success is no accident for the results speak for themselves.

A true visionary, Dr. Murad was instrumental in changing the fields of skin care and dermatology, as we know it today. To his credit, he has a number of significant ‘firsts’. 1998-present Dr. Murad holds eleven patents, with several more patents pending. With clinically proven results, each is a breakthrough in the field of anti-aging or skin health. 1988 Dr. Murad was the first to establish a medically-supervised day spa where estheticians train with a dermatologist to promote overall wellness and approach the skin scientifically and holistically. 1989 Dr. Murad was one of the first dermatologists to launch his own line of skin care. 1989 Dr. Murad was one of the first to formulate with exfoliating AHAs to treat the signs of aging. 1992 Dr. Murad was one of the first to utilize antioxidants, both topically and internally as supplements, to treat environmental damage and the signs of aging. 1995 Dr. Murad is the father of Internal Skincare®, formulating combinations of antioxidant vitamins and other nutrients, scientifically targeted to specific skin conditions to heal, fortify and protect from the inside out. 1997 Dr. Murad was one of the first to stabilize Vitamin C, using it to treat environmental damage and unwanted pigmentation. 1998 Dr. Murad was the first to utilize the antioxidant benefits of pomegranate in skin care products.

The quality and integrity of Murad skin care products and services are an extension of Murad, Inc.’s core principles and culture. The Murad medical philosophy is an inclusive one meaning we treat both the inside of the body as well as the exterior surface of the skin. In addressing skin concerns, Murad skin care takes a long term approach that is as much about educating patients to be their own healthcare providers as it is about us performing specific treatment or procedure.

Murad skin care creates a healthy skin environment that includes both topical products and internal supplements for a simple reason. The healthier the skin and body are to begin with, the faster it heals, and the better and more long lasting the results. Murad skin care repairs the specific concern using a wide variety of medical modalities at our disposal. Murad skin care educates the patient and provide the means to prevent the skin problem from reoccurring. Offering both general and cosmetic dermatology, the Murad Medical Group, Inc. consists of Dr. Murad and his trusted associates. Here, patients receive expert diagnosis coupled with the most advanced techniques available for treating a wide variety of skin disorders or cosmetic concerns.

Many of the items sold as part of the Murad Skin Care line are patented. These patented items include a type of topical sunscreen, an acne scrub, and an anti wrinkle cream powered by synthetic collagen. Clearly, Dr. Murad is an innovative individual who understands the science behind skin.

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