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What anti wrinkle creams and cosmetics are available for wrinkle treatment?

Cosmetics, if properly applied, can be surprisingly effective in camouflaging the signs of aging skin, including wrinkles and age spots. Moreover, they offer additional benefits by retarding water loss and providing a physical barrier to UV radiation.

Moisturizers. Moisturizers should be applied before foundation. If reddish discoloration is extensive or the skin is sallow, tinted moisturizers may be helpful and can be worn alone or under foundation. Most moisturizers contain combinations of these and usually have other ingredients, such as AHA, sunscreens, collagen, and keratin. (Collagen and keratin leave a protein film and temporarily stretch the skin.) They range widely in price, and a major consumer organization found little difference in general between the more and less expensive products.

Foundations. Large areas of the face are best covered with a moderate-coverage foundation with a matte or semi-matte finish. Facial powder reflects light and thus minimizes wrinkles but should be avoided by people with dry skin. When blemishes are especially prominent, colored undercover foundations called neutralizers are very effective. Green neutralizers mask red lesions; purple helps camouflage yellowish blemishes; and a white, pearled base is recommended for people with dark lesions and also helps to minimize wrinkles.

Blushes. Blushes and color washes can help conceal the spidery network of dilated capillaries on the nose and cheeks. Powder blushes are preferred because they blend easily on top of foundation.

Eyes. Powder eye shadows applied on top of a moisturizer are preferred to cream-based shadows. The appearance of deep-set eyes is best offset with light-colored shadow, which should be applied along the upper eyelid crease and above the iris. A slightly deeper shade of the same color should then be applied to the lower part of the eyelid and drawn out to the corner. The skin under the eyes is very thin and does not produce as much of the protective oils that keep skin soft and supple. Under-eye gels are aimed at reducing puffiness and dark circles.

Lips. A lip-setting cream or facial foundation should be applied before lipstick to help prevent it from bleeding into surrounding wrinkles. The lips should be lined with a lip-pencil, which acts as a border. (Some women use the pencil itself for the full lip, which gives color but appears natural.) Matte lipsticks with a low petroleum content are especially recommended.

More information on wrinkles

What're wrinkles? - Skin wrinkles are grooves in the skin. Wrinkles can be on the surface of the skin or can be quite deep. Wrinkles are the thin, creased, and sagging skin.
How a wrinkle is formed? - Normal ageing leads to the formation of skin wrinkles. Wrinkles are also caused by facial expressions.
What causes wrinkles? - As a person ages, skin cells divide more slowly. Sun exposure promotes and exacerbates wrinkling of the skin. Smoking may also negatively affect the skin.
What treatments are available to cure wrinkle? - For fine wrinkles, retinoic acid may be applied to the skin to fill in the crevices. Wrinkles may also be treated by topical creams and ointments.
What cosmetic therapies are available for wrinkles? - Cosmetic therapies for the treatment of wrinkles are facelifts, laser resurfacing, non-ablative laser resurfacing and iImplantation.
What medical treatments are available for wrinkles? - Topical products is beneficial for skin damaged by the sun and also by natural aging. Alpha hydroxy acids facilitate the shedding of dead skin cells.
How to prevent the development of wrinkles? - Onset of wrinkles and further progression of those already present can be prevented by avoiding episodes of excessive sun exposure.
What anti wrinkle creams and cosmetics are available? - Cosmetics, if properly applied, can be surprisingly effective in camouflaging the signs of aging skin, including wrinkles and age spots. 
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